Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Finally

After being behind the curve on getting a chance to play this game,I finally found time this week to take a crack at it.

First off let me say that right off the bat this game surpassed my expectations. I am roughly half way through the game but I have found less to complain about than I thought.

My biggest complaint is still the battle system. I was not impressed with it in XIII and I still am not impressed with it in XIII-2. I have stated this many times, as everyone who reads my blog knows, FF needs to go back to the turn based battle system and eliminated the retry. If yoy you strategy and a little common sense, why would you need to retry? The retry makes for lazy battles and takes the fun out of it.

Another complaint I have, up to where I am, is the lack of playable characters. Yes you have all the monsters to choose from but it’s not the same as using a person. The monsters play no part in the story line so it feels like they got lazy and didnt want to develop back story for characters.

The only other complaint I have is the quiz system. It sucks! Enough said.

Now for the things I like that have stood out in the game. I will more or less just list them as I hope to come back later and go into much more depth. For starters I like how I have the ability to roam around again. I hated the linear feel of XIII. I love that the chocobo races are back. I love how beautiful they have incorporated the original characters into the story. This was one of the biggest surprises to me. And to finish off my likes as of where I am is Mog.

As always I look forward to your comments and hope to see you at the forums!

Final Fantasy XIII-2

The good news it the game has been out for a while and many of you have had the opportunity to play it. The bad news is that I have been so busy with other task that I have been unable to play it as of yet 😦 I hope to correct this soon and have lots to say about the game but until that time comes I didn’t want anyone to think that I had forgotten about the game.

From what I am hearing from fans who have played the game, it has been better than expected. I haven’t heard to many bad things yet, but then again I haven’t scrutinized it with a fine tooth comb myself yet either. Until the time comes when I add my two cents worth in about the game I would love to hear what you all think of it. Leave a comment, email me, something…. I want to hear everyones opinions, both good and bad.

As always you can get ahold of me at the forums or via email (althalus @ ffexodus dot com). Stop by and say hi. I enjoy saying hi to people

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo

As all Final Fantasy fans know by now, February 03, 2012 is the release date (US) for the newest installment of the Final Fantasy series. Which actually isn’t a new game, but a sequel. Like all Final Fantasy games that have been release, this once is being closely watch by fan in anticipation of what is to come. For example, what will the graphics be like, how is the battle system going to work, etc, etc.

These questions are nothing new to a game getting ready to be release. Fans follow websites (hopefully mine :P) and youtube trying to get a glimpse of what the game has in store. Well this time SquareEnix has done something a little different. They have release a demo for play. Take a look

What did you thinK? Have you downloaded the demo for PS3 or Xbox360? Share your thoughts. Leave a comment or better yet, head on over to the forums and lets discuss the game. I look forward to seeing you there.


Final Fantasy Wallpapers – Other

Here are a few random wallpapers for Final Fantasy that I rotate on my computer that I thought you might like.

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Final Fantasy Wallpapers – FFXIII

I present FFXIII wallpapers

Final Fantasy XIII

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Final Fantasy Wallpapers – FFXII

If you have been following my blog you know that over the past several days I have been posting wallpapers from each of the FF’s. You may have noticed that FFXI was skipped. That is because I do not consider it a Final Fantasy. It is an MMORPG. That is why you will not see it here.

Onward we move, continuing our journey into the wonderful world of Final Fantasy wallpapers. Here is FFXII

Final Fantasy XII

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Final Fantasy Wallpapers – FFX & FFX-2

In this post I decided to combine FFX and FFX-2 since the game are related that way they stay together.

Final Fantasy X and X-2

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Final Fantasy Wallpapers – FFIX

We now arrive at the wallpapers for FFIX.

Final Fantasy IX

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Final Fantasy Wallpapers – FFVIII

I present FFVIII

Final Fantasy VIII

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Final Fantasy Wallpapers – FFVII

We now come to the Final Fantasy that is considered the best among some of the FF communities. There are a lot of wallpapers for this particular FF, but I have narrowed it down to my select favorites. As stated in the first post I didn’t really get into the character wallpapers. I may come back and do that later but for now I will stay way from it.

Final Fantasy VII

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