Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Finally

After being behind the curve on getting a chance to play this game,I finally found time this week to take a crack at it.

First off let me say that right off the bat this game surpassed my expectations. I am roughly half way through the game but I have found less to complain about than I thought.

My biggest complaint is still the battle system. I was not impressed with it in XIII and I still am not impressed with it in XIII-2. I have stated this many times, as everyone who reads my blog knows, FF needs to go back to the turn based battle system and eliminated the retry. If yoy you strategy and a little common sense, why would you need to retry? The retry makes for lazy battles and takes the fun out of it.

Another complaint I have, up to where I am, is the lack of playable characters. Yes you have all the monsters to choose from but it’s not the same as using a person. The monsters play no part in the story line so it feels like they got lazy and didnt want to develop back story for characters.

The only other complaint I have is the quiz system. It sucks! Enough said.

Now for the things I like that have stood out in the game. I will more or less just list them as I hope to come back later and go into much more depth. For starters I like how I have the ability to roam around again. I hated the linear feel of XIII. I love that the chocobo races are back. I love how beautiful they have incorporated the original characters into the story. This was one of the biggest surprises to me. And to finish off my likes as of where I am is Mog.

As always I look forward to your comments and hope to see you at the forums!

Final Fantasy XIII-2

The good news it the game has been out for a while and many of you have had the opportunity to play it. The bad news is that I have been so busy with other task that I have been unable to play it as of yet 😦 I hope to correct this soon and have lots to say about the game but until that time comes I didn’t want anyone to think that I had forgotten about the game.

From what I am hearing from fans who have played the game, it has been better than expected. I haven’t heard to many bad things yet, but then again I haven’t scrutinized it with a fine tooth comb myself yet either. Until the time comes when I add my two cents worth in about the game I would love to hear what you all think of it. Leave a comment, email me, something…. I want to hear everyones opinions, both good and bad.

As always you can get ahold of me at the forums or via email (althalus @ ffexodus dot com). Stop by and say hi. I enjoy saying hi to people

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3 Trophies

When it comes to Final Fantasy, getting the trophies are not very high on my priority list, atleast not the first play through. I want to enjoy the game and the story. Now once I have enjoyed the game and the story I believe it is time to take a look at completing the trophies. I am one of those people that believe if you are going to play a game, then play it all. This includes the trophies.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will have 32 trophies that a player can earn. Here they are.

Master of Time
Mastered the timeline and obtained every trophy available.

Early Riser
Accepted a new fate in a world where everything has changed.

Time Traveler
Left behind a normal life, and began a journey through time.

Future Espier
Visited the place where clues to the future lie waiting to be discovered.

Past Gazer
Visited the place where the saviors of the past dream in crystal.

Threat Facer
Acknowledged the threat facing the world, and decided to fight back.

Sooth Seeker
Prepared to face a test of your determination in the rift where hidden truths slumber.

Promise Keeper
Turned your back on empty dreams and joined the battle to save mankind.

Trigger Finger
Obtained five Cinematic Bonus rewards.

Witnessed every possible Paradox Ending.

Epic Finisher
Followed the story to its conclusion.

Saddle Sore
Went the distance on chocobo-back.

Amassed a fortune in casino coins.

Spent a fortune at shops.

Clock Stopper
Responded swiftly to the appearance of enemies.

Completed an entire fragment category.

Completed every fragment category.

Scarlet Medal
Defeated a powerful enemy with graceful poise.

Cerulean Medal
Defeated a powerful enemy with valiant skill.

Obsidian Medal
Defeated a powerful enemy with perfect execution.

Staggered a significant number of enemies.

Quick Draw
Performed a significant number of preemptive strikes.

Wild Thing
Successfully used Feral Link abilities a significant number of times.

No Retreat
Fought a significant number of battles without using the “Retry” option.

Performed a multitude of paradigm shifts.

Budding Hunter
Defeated an army’s worth of enemies.

Supreme Being
Fully developed all abilities.

Big Game Hunter
Defeated every worthy opponent.

Giant’s Fist
Dealt 99,999 damage with a single attack.

Beast Tamer
Befriended a most unfriendly monster.

Fair Fighter
Defeated a powerful enemy on equal terms.

Obtained the highest possible result in the battle to determine the fate of the world.


References PSNProfiles

As always I hope you found this information useful and I hope you join me over at the forums to talk Final Fantasy
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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo

As all Final Fantasy fans know by now, February 03, 2012 is the release date (US) for the newest installment of the Final Fantasy series. Which actually isn’t a new game, but a sequel. Like all Final Fantasy games that have been release, this once is being closely watch by fan in anticipation of what is to come. For example, what will the graphics be like, how is the battle system going to work, etc, etc.

These questions are nothing new to a game getting ready to be release. Fans follow websites (hopefully mine :P) and youtube trying to get a glimpse of what the game has in store. Well this time SquareEnix has done something a little different. They have release a demo for play. Take a look

What did you thinK? Have you downloaded the demo for PS3 or Xbox360? Share your thoughts. Leave a comment or better yet, head on over to the forums and lets discuss the game. I look forward to seeing you there.


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Pre-order goodness

I interupt the wallpapers to bring you this little note on FFXIII-2. This may be helpful for those of you who like to pre-order games for all the goodies that you can get. This was written by bdagger over at Exodus and I wanted to share her research with everyone who hasn’t been paying attention. – You get an exclusive boss battle with Omega in the coliseum. When you beat him you get him as one of your allied monsters. This will be part of the new monster collection feature of XIII-2.

Best Buy – Here you’ll get a FFXIII novella (hardcover) that bridges the gap between XIII and XIII-2.

And Finally, Gamestop – You’ll get an exclusive costume for Serah, who, if you haven’t been following, is a playable character.

Now, for the collector’s edition here’s what you can expect: First and foremost, you’ll get the entire four disc soundtrack to the game (usually something you have to pick up as an import or directly from the Square-Enix webstore). You’ll also get a full 20 page artbook featuring concept art. You’ll also get a spiffy hardcover case with glorious Amano artwork on it.

And finally, a few last tidbits – If you’re not keen to pre-order or you just want to snag all three bonuses, the Serah costume and the Omega battle will be DLC you can purchase at a later date. (Which means Best Buy is the way to go – at least that’s where I’m going). And, there’s also been an announcement that Ezio (of Assassin’s Creed) will make a cameo in the form of a DLC costume for Noel Kreiss.

Althalus 🙂

Faster Final Fantasy Turnaround?

Speaking with GameReactor, Final Fantasy series producer Yoshinori Kitase noted that he wanted the Final Fantasy series to have more rapid iterations, following the successful business model set by Western triple-A titles such as Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty.

“Final Fantasy XIII was the first game [we made for current generation consoles], and personally I think we took a little too long getting it out,” said Kitase. “When you think of Western triple-A titles like Call of Duty, Battlefield and Assassin’s Creed, they seem to work with a lot shorter turnaround (for more, see link) and

Now for some thoughts

Yoshinori Kitase gave this interview to GameReactor. After reading it, I am left to wander if we are going to lose even more of our ‘Final Fantasy’ as they attempt to release games quicker. If producing a game quicker means that it begins to suck more and more with each passing game, what is the point? It seems with each new game the Final Fantasy series is becoming less of an RPG and more of a crapfest.

I am all for taking more time to create a more quality game. I believe that true fans of FF would agree.