Final Fantasy XIII-2 Pre-order goodness

I interupt the wallpapers to bring you this little note on FFXIII-2. This may be helpful for those of you who like to pre-order games for all the goodies that you can get. This was written by bdagger over at Exodus and I wanted to share her research with everyone who hasn’t been paying attention. – You get an exclusive boss battle with Omega in the coliseum. When you beat him you get him as one of your allied monsters. This will be part of the new monster collection feature of XIII-2.

Best Buy – Here you’ll get a FFXIII novella (hardcover) that bridges the gap between XIII and XIII-2.

And Finally, Gamestop – You’ll get an exclusive costume for Serah, who, if you haven’t been following, is a playable character.

Now, for the collector’s edition here’s what you can expect: First and foremost, you’ll get the entire four disc soundtrack to the game (usually something you have to pick up as an import or directly from the Square-Enix webstore). You’ll also get a full 20 page artbook featuring concept art. You’ll also get a spiffy hardcover case with glorious Amano artwork on it.

And finally, a few last tidbits – If you’re not keen to pre-order or you just want to snag all three bonuses, the Serah costume and the Omega battle will be DLC you can purchase at a later date. (Which means Best Buy is the way to go – at least that’s where I’m going). And, there’s also been an announcement that Ezio (of Assassin’s Creed) will make a cameo in the form of a DLC costume for Noel Kreiss.

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Final Fantasy Wallpapers – FFIX

We now arrive at the wallpapers for FFIX.

Final Fantasy IX

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Final Fantasy Wallpapers – FFVIII

I present FFVIII

Final Fantasy VIII

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Final Fantasy Wallpapers – FFVII

We now come to the Final Fantasy that is considered the best among some of the FF communities. There are a lot of wallpapers for this particular FF, but I have narrowed it down to my select favorites. As stated in the first post I didn’t really get into the character wallpapers. I may come back and do that later but for now I will stay way from it.

Final Fantasy VII

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Final Fantasy Wallpapers – FFVI

Moving right along and we have now arrived at FFVI

Final Fantasy VI

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Final Fantasy Wallpapers – FFV

Here is FFV for your viewing enjoyment.

Final Fantasy V

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Final Fantasy Wallpapers – FFIV

We have now arrived at FFIV. I hope you have enjoyed the wallpapers so far and I look forward to seeing you back for the ones to come.

Final Fantasy IV


Final Fantasy Wallpapers – FFIII

Continuing right along, we now come to FFIII. I hope you enjoy

Final Fantasy III

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Final Fantasy Wallpapers – FFII

FFII – see here for details of this extended post

I present Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy Wallpapers – FF

Over the next several day I will be posting some Final Fantasy wallpapers for your enjoyment. I will be breaking it down into sections of each game and then various other FF game related things. As of now, I have no plans to add very many specific character wallpapers, but that may change as I make each post.

I take no credit for any of the wallpapers but they are some of my favorites so I wanted to share with everyone. We shall start with the original Final Fantasy. Enjoy!

Final Fantasy

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