I am an avid Final Fantasy fan and gamer. This is my little section of the web where I can state my opinions, comments and/or concerns about any and all things Final Fantasy Related. I have been a gamer sine the Atari was common and I have played many games on many consoles since then.  There have been many games I have loved, and just as many that I have hated. I always look forward to what gaming has in store next, but at the same time mourn the lose of games gone by.

Have a request for something Final Fantasy related you want me to cover? Send me an email or come talk with me in the forums.

Come talk with me in person

One comment on “Althalus

  1. Hey! I hadn’t seen this blog until today, but it’s pretty awesome! The problem with emailing your stuff to blogs (in my case) is that I lose so much time because I spend hours actually enjoying the blog’s content before messaging. #NOREGRETSTHO !
    I just finished this super low budget final fantasy VII music video. Hopefully you’ll find it funny and repost, but if not, I appreciate the time and the fact that youre blogging about final fantasy anyway. Thanks!

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