Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo

As all Final Fantasy fans know by now, February 03, 2012 is the release date (US) for the newest installment of the Final Fantasy series. Which actually isn’t a new game, but a sequel. Like all Final Fantasy games that have been release, this once is being closely watch by fan in anticipation of what is to come. For example, what will the graphics be like, how is the battle system going to work, etc, etc.

These questions are nothing new to a game getting ready to be release. Fans follow websites (hopefully mine :P) and youtube trying to get a glimpse of what the game has in store. Well this time SquareEnix has done something a little different. They have release a demo for play. Take a look

What did you thinK? Have you downloaded the demo for PS3 or Xbox360? Share your thoughts. Leave a comment or better yet, head on over to the forums and lets discuss the game. I look forward to seeing you there.


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