Best Final Fantasy Character (Part I)

I had a very difficult time trying to determine who I believed to be the best Final Fantasy character. I finally decided it would be best to break it up into two parts – main character and supporting character. This post will cover the Best Final Fantasy Supporting Character and Part II will cover the Best Final Fantasy Main Character.

Even in trying to decide who the best supporting character was I still am having trouble narrowing it down from two. There are two that stand out in my mind and I have decided that for now I will call it a tie! But who are thy you may ask? Here are the results

The nominees are
Mog and Boco!

When it comes to supporting characters of Final Fantasy both Mog and Boco stand out above all others.

Boco, or Boko (ボコ, Boko?) is a recurring chocobo name in the Final Fantasy series. Boco often plays an important role as one of the main characters’ chocobo, or otherwise as a notable chocobo in the game.

Moogles (モーグリ, Mōguri?) are a recurring race in the Final Fantasy series. The name moogle (or Moguri in Japanese, Spanish and Italian and Mogry in German) is a portmanteau of the Japanese words for mole (mogura) and bat (komori). They first appeared in Final Fantasy III and have appeared in some capacity in every main series game since, with the exception of Final Fantasy IV.

The importance of moogles to the plot varies from game to game, ranging from playable characters to simple cameos. Several, such as Mog, Stiltzkin, Artemicion and Montblanc, have made repeated appearances. Although their appearance has changed throughout games, they can easily be recognized by the small wings, usually pink or white fur and a pom-pom hanging from their heads. Moogles are generally mild tempered and like to eat vines and fictional Kupo Nuts.

With the roles that both play in the Final Fantasy series it is too hard to determine the winner between the two. Don’t you agree???

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