Final Fantasy Blogs Recommendations

As an avid Final Fantasy fan, I do a lot of reading on the series. Listed below are a couple of blog post that caught my attention and I wanted to share with everyone. The reason for this? Simplicity. In today’s world of fast growing blogging there are more blogs on the internet than the average person can keep up with. It is a daunting task looking through all the blogs on a topic you like to read about. To make things easier on you the reader, I have selected a few of my favorites for you to enjoy.

Please feel free to give comments, especially on the original authors page. They deserve the credit for the writing, I am just sharing and deserve no credit for the works you are about to read 🙂

This first one is from meepinganime on a wonderful review of FFT/ (Final Fantasy Tactics).

Here’s one from arthur1977 with his thoughts on FFXV

Adulthood Parenting has a great piece about FFVII being the game of the year for 2011.

This recipe from Final Fantasy Recipes might make you a little hungry.

And I will leave you with Andrew Whipple III on Ten reasons why Final Fantasy VI is better than Chrono Trigger

I hope you enjoy these other blog post as much as I have and I hope you let them know what a wonderful job they done with their post. Especially if you love food, you need to bookmark Final Fantasy Recipes and return to them often as you experiment with the wonderful dishes.


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